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PC Patch
This is a *very* crude patch against the Y2K-Bug of the 1.9xx versions if the PC card driver software for the RiscPC internal PC cards. Its approach, however, should be fine for about all PC cards ever built and even the SoftPC ;-)
The patch works with everything that´s based on MS DOS, i.e. win 3.1, win 3.11, win95, win98. Probably not with WIN NT. Certainly not with Linux.
DrawZerr transforms a Draw diagram using arbitrary transformation formulae: (x,y) -> (x',y').
Iconize replaces the iconise function of the Pinboard. The function is very similar to X-Windows icons, i.e. you can bring icons of windows to the top of the window stack, move them around, and a window doesn't blop to the background right were it was but into a line of icons at the top of the screen. Version 1.09 (beta) has quite some new features (and should work with all PinBoards), so you might want to have a look at it.
SprClear converts a truecolour sprite as used by RISC OS 3.5 and newer into the older Clear format which is supported by most older programs. Not too useful nowadays, as the new sprite format is widely supported now...

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