This program can import numbers from an editor, a word processor, or similar, perform powerful calculations on them and export the result back into the editor.

The program provides

Usage and all functions are explained in the printed manual of the full version. See the help file for a short introduction. Furthermore the program supports interactive help.

* The marked items apply only for the full version. Free version has reduced performance (see below).

Free evaluation version: PLEASE NOTE!

This demo version has the following limitations:
This evaluation version may be distributed freely. However, it must remain in exactly the same state. Especially, all copyright messages have to be kept. It's forbidden to distribute or use parts of the program.

Neither Feldner & Braun Software BdbR nor the author accept reliability for any losses caused by downloading, unpacking or using this package. Usage of the package is entirely at the user's risk.

There's more information inside of the archive.
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